SME Loans

Small to Medium Enterprises

Order financing, Working Capital - Bridging Finance, Asset Financing& Group Working Capital Loans

As a Microfinance Institution, Quadfin intends to increase opportunities for the poor to access financial services by providing capital to aspiring entrepreneurs. Quadfin’s core values are enhancing their clients’ self-determination, serving as an ongoing financial resource for clients, and achieving significant outreach and financial self-sufficiency.

A great part of Zimbabwe’s population is in need of financial services, and the number is forecast to be growing. Quadfin’s objective is to boost the informal sector by providing capital to this sector and is committed to empowering the communities in marginalized urban areas and rural areas because of the fact that their access to capital is extremely limited.

General Requirements

  • Existing businesses operating legally
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • CR 14 and certificate of incorporation
  • Current and valid lease agreement for business premises
  • Cash flow statements
  • Latest financial statements or management accounts
  • Directors’ and senior management’s CVs, passport size photos, proof of residence and copy ID.
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Guarantors and securit